The Ultimate Guide to the Upper West Side

If you’ve seen any romantic comedy set in New York in the last few decades, chances are it was filmed on the Upper West Side. Our neighborhood is so quintessentially New York — complete with tee-lined streets and gorgeous brownstones. We’ve mapped out our ultimate guide to the Upper West Side, so queue up the playlist from When Harry Met Sally and try to keep up.

Love at First Lox

Starting from the Excelsior Hotel, make your way to Zabar’s, the iconic gourmet emporium. The selection of pastries, fish, produce, and meats might be overwhelming. For decades, the shop has been known to carry everything from caviar to pastrami, and babka to kosher bagels. Take a lap and see all the store has to offer — then head to the takeout counter for a bagel with lox and a coffee to go.

Dinosaurs & an Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

Next stop: our favorite neighbor, the American Natural History Museum. You can’t miss its Victorian-Gothic architecture, stately steps, or the massive dinosaur skeleton waiting to greet you in its lobby. After exploring ancient civilizations, head a few blocks away for an afternoon-pick-me up at Levain Bakery — the bakery’s massive cookies are a neighborhood staple.

Get Lost in Central Park

With a cookie and cappuccino in hand, step off the bustling city streets and into serene Central Park for the afternoon. The Ramble is the best area of the park to explore. It’s winding paths beg you to get lost in them, but views of the city skyline guarantee you’ll never lose your way.

Dinner and a Show

Head out of The Ramble and back into the concrete jungle for evening entertainment. On any given night, there are no fewer than 10 performances happening at Lincoln Center — the world-class opera and symphony performance center. Hailed as one of the most famous arts and drama centers in the United States, catch an evening show to round out your day.

Dinner and Drinks

Complete your perfect day on the Upper West Side with dinner and drinks at the Boat Basin Cafe — a stunning open air waterfront cafe with views of the Hudson and Riverside Park. Pub-style burgers and pitchers of beer are on the menu and the view of the sailboats passing by adds to the vintage feel of a seaside cafe.

Whether you plan your entire day or wander to discover the charming streets and avenues of the neighborhood, one thing is for sure: a stay at The Excelsior Hotel guarantees the perfect day and night out on the Upper West Side.